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A Pigeon Love Story

Jake Wegesin shows us this super-cute 3D animation about two pigeons that fall in love. The short starts with us following a pigeon looking for food and hanging out with his mates.

Then, when he’s nibbling on some pizza, he spots a stunning lady pigeon and is instantly smitten. They both snack on some pizza together and then go on a series of pigeon-dates. They’re just like human dates, except the food is manky and it’s on the floor!

Eventually, the pigeon has to decide whether he wants to start a new life with his lady pigeon friend, or stick with his old mates. At first, he chooses his friends, but quickly realises how much he misses his old companion. He looks everywhere for her, but can’t find her anywhere. But, in the end, they find each other again right next to the pizza where they first met!

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