Micheal Sime shows us what it would look like if a bunch of office workers were the subject of a nature documentary in this funny 3D animation.

In it, we’re introduced to a herd of Continental Seated Staffers. These strange creatures spend all days sitting in spinny office chairs, mindlessly staring at their screens. But, all of a sudden, a fight breaks out between two of them. In true David Attenborough style, the narrator walks us through what each staffer is doing. Who will come out on top?

3D Animation Shows Us Office Workers Who Live In The Wild image of staffers

We get to see the staffers unique fighting style. It’s basically just ramming their chair against another staffer. Although it’s not all that impressive, it is rather effective, as one of the staffers wheels away, having lost the fight. The poor staffer has to leave the herd and go and stare at his screen elsewhere. It’s a really cool video that pokes fun of the monotony of office culture. We reckon that the staffers should be in the next series of Planet Earth. Imagine Attenborough narrating this for real. We’d love to see that.

Micheal Sime|Staffers|3D Animation

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