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“The Albatross Soup Riddle” Gets A Trippy Animated Makeover

A riddle about a man who eats albatross soup is beautifully animated in this trippy video. The team behind the vid recorded people’s answers to a tough riddle and animated their responses.

The riddle talks about a man who goes into a restaurant, orders albatross soup, eats one spoonful, then shoots himself. So the question is, why does the man kill himself? A few different people try and work out why, with some giving quite elaborate and over the top answers. The answers they give are stunningly represented in 2D form by the animators for us to see.

We won’t spoil things and tell you the answer to the riddle here, we’ll let you try and work it out for yourself. As each interviewee gets closer and closer to the answer, the animation becomes much more vibrant and takes the viewer on a series of visual twists and turns. It’s a really unique and interesting idea and the video as a whole is really lovely to look at.

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