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In these uncertain times, small acts of kindness can go a long way.

We’ve found 10 acts of kindness from brands during the Covid-19 outbreak. Whether it’s donations, advice or just something to cheer us up, these brands have helped us in some way during this crisis.

Guinness – An Alternative St.Patrick’s Day Message

Typically, St Paddy’s is marked with huge parades across the world. But in many major cities, the parades have been called off due to concerns over the spread of the virus. Guinness encourages us to see the silver lining with this uplifting St Paddy’s ad.

Better still, they promised to $500,000 to communities that have been affected by the outbreak.

Guinness Released This Uplifting St.Patrick's Day Advert image of Guinness

Guinness|St Patrick’s Day|Ads and Promos

The Washington Post Gives Quarantine Cooking Tips

The Washington Post gives you some tips on what you can cook at home during a quarantine in this lighthearted video. It has some really genuinely helpful advice in it. During self-isolation, you might be required to make meals using tinned foods and basics amenities.

In this video, we’re taught how to make a nice tomato and garlic roast, which uses nothing but a simple clove of garlic and a can of plum tomatoes as ingredients.

The Washington Post Gives You Some Quarantine Cooking Tips image of Coronavirus

Washington Post|Quarantine|Documentary

Mercedes-Benz – #StayAtHome

In this ad, Mercedes-Benz takes some time to say thank you to the people who’re providing vital services across the world. In some cases, Mercedes will be helping people get there as many workers will be driving to work in Mercedes vehicles.

But the brand says that for the rest of us, we’re best off leaving our cars sat in the drive. Normally, Mercedes encourages it’s customers to get out, see the world and go on an adventure. But here, they tell you that now’s the time to stay at home and to save adventuring for another day.

Mercedes-Benz|Thanks To Everyone|Ads and Promos

Budweiser – One Team

The beer brand knows we might all be struggling without sport due to the lockdown. In the ad, they use the nicknames of sports teams, like The Angels, The Giants and The Mavericks to reference frontline workers who are helping people in hospitals and by providing other vital services.

They also tell us at the end of the ad that they’ll be working with sports teams across the US to allow their stadiums to be used for blood drives throughout the Coronavirus crisis.

Budweiser|One Team|Ads and Promos

Vodafone Italy – Together

Vodafone Italy are showing us all the ways that people are staying connected amid a lockdown in the country. In this advert, they use footage that people have sent in to them of them getting on with day to day life during the lockdown.

With more people using internet services than ever right now, making sure that we can stay connected is vitally important. Ads like this reminds us that Vodafone will be here making those connections as easy and as seamless as possible.

Vodafone|Together|Ads and Promos

Buffalo Wild Wings – Sports Live On

Sports bar chain Buffalo Wild Wings brings a bit of cheer with this ad. They show us how people are still practising their favourite sports indoors.

Despite not being able to go to the pitch, batting cage or ice rink, innovative fanatics are coming up with clever ways to keep themselves fit and healthy.

Buffalo Wild Wings Tell Us That "Sports Live On" In This Inspiring Ad image of Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings|Sports Live On|Sports

Telia – Giving Small Businesses Free Ads

Finnish communications company Telia offered small businesses free ad space to tell us a bit about their company.

Small companies can do with all the help they can get right now and offering a chance for some of them to get their name out there is a really lovely gesture from Telia.

Telia image of Telia

Telia|We Rise|Ads and Promos

ITV Thanks The NHS With This Ident

ITV showed some amazing appreciation for the NHS recently by including an ident that showed some love to the health service. Here’s how they did it.

It’s a lovely way to remind us of all the amazing work that the NHS does for us in times of need.


Chris Martin Streams A Gig In His Living Room

OK, so Chris Martin isn’t a brand, he’s in a band, but this idea was so lovely, we had to include it in this list.

Chris decided to set up his phone, grab his guitar and pull up a stool in front of his piano and start taking requests from his Instagram followers. He gave his fans a few cheery messages and wished everyone well. He played a few of his classic tracks, like Fix You Viva La Vida.

Chris Martin Streamed A Concert From His Living Room For Anyone Stuck At Home image of Chris Martin

Chris Martin|#TogetherAtHome|Music Videos

Simon Pegg & Nick Frost – The Plan (2020 Edition)

Nick Frost & Simon Pegg re-created “The Plan” scene from Shaun Of The Dead, amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

The foolproof plan proposed in the film was thought up to ensure that Simon and Nick’s characters would be safe in the zombie apocalypse. It set out a way that they could grab Simon’s girlfriend and mum and then go to The Winchester pub, have a nice cold pint and wait for all this to blow over. Some people thought that the same plan could be used to navigate the Covid-19 crisis, but after it was announced that pubs across the UK were closing (including many pubs actually called The Winchester), Nick and Simon had to come up with a new strategy…

Nick Frost & Simon Pegg Re-Created "The Plan" From Shaun Of The Dead image of The Plan

The Plan|Simon Pegg & Nick Frost|Film

We’ve also got an act of kindness to give to you as well.

Why? Because we need to help each other through this.

There are a lot of charities, businesses and organisations facing an uncertain future right now. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the doom and gloom, but we are optimists at heart and want to do our bit to support our community.

In the face of an economic downturn, marketing budgets tend to come under immediate pressure. So we want to help in the best way that our parent site, Nemorin, can: by creating video content. For free. 

Our belief is that if you continue to advertise when times are tough, you will come out the other side stronger. To that end we are offering £5,000 worth of animation services to a maximum duration of 90 seconds to one organisation that needs it most. An animation to promote your business? Social media assets? We’ll create it for you at no cost.

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